• Brent Ragans

    - by rupalivakils

    Brent Ragans is responsible for Ferring U.S. commercial, manufacturing and development operations. Brent has more than 25 years of experience…

  • Stacey Antar

    Stacey Antar

    - by rupalivakils

    Stacey Antar is responsible for all Ferring U.S. legal affairs. Stacey has more than 25 years of experience in life…

  • Bipin Dalmia

    Bipin Dalmia

    - by rupalivakils

    Bipin Dalmia is responsible for all Ferring U.S. business development activities and is a key member of the Ferring Global…

  • Lionel Fajolle

    Lionel Fajolle

    - by rupalivakils

    Lionel Fajolle is responsible for the Ferring Specialty Care Business Unit, encompassing treatments for both orthopaedics and gastroenterology therapeutic areas.…

  • David Powley

    David Powley

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    David Powley is responsible for the Ferring Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health Business Unit. David has more than 25 years…

  • James Tursi

    James P. Tursi, M.D.

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    Dr. James Tursi is responsible for U.S. Clinical Development, Pharmaceutical Development, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance (PV), Project Planning and Regulatory Affairs.…

  • Shetal Vyas

    Shetal Vyas

    - by rupalivakils

    Shetal Vyas is responsible for Ferring Operations which includes Commercial Operations, Communications, Customer Engagement, Market Access and Sales Training. Shetal…

  • Joseph Zimmerman

    Joseph Zimmerman

    - by rupalivakils

    Joe Zimmerman is responsible for all aspects of healthcare and privacy compliance for the Ferring U.S. operations. Joe has more…