Research & Development


Research & Development

Our research and development approach is centred on creating life-changing innovation for the health of people and families.

Research & Development

At Ferring, we share a singular focus: to pioneer life-changing medicines that make birth, life and living possible. We are relentless in our pursuit of therapies to help build families, stay healthy, and fight disease.

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Through our pipeline, we are researching life-changing medicines that make birth, life and living possible.

Clinical trials

Ferring conducts clinical research worldwide in our areas of specialist interest including reproductive medicine and maternal health, uro-oncology and gastroenterology.

Clinical trials
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Early stage development

Ferring is committed to supporting exploratory, discovery and pre-clinical research in collaboration with a broad range of organizations, world-leading academics and biotechnology companies.

COVID-19 Investigational Grants

Ferring is funding research grants on the effects of COVID-19 on reproduction, pregnancy and neonatal health.

Research areas