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Career development

We offer career development opportunities and support the learning process for employees, who are considered jointly responsible for their own learning and continuing professional development.

We believe it is essential for employees to have the opportunity to enhance their skills, competencies and knowledge in order to improve their own and Ferring’s performance. With training, education and other development methods, Ferring supports employees’ development plans.

At Ferring, you have access to many parts of the business, its leaders, and its opportunities, enabling you to broaden your expertise and bolster your experience. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals in a culture that inspires learning and curiosity.

The Ferring Dialogue

The Ferring Dialogue is our performance management tool. It supports meaningful conversations between employees and direct managers that align personal goals and results, across key company objectives, the Ferring Philosophy and our Leadership Principles.

Officially, it takes place four times a year and outside of those quarterly sessions, we are committed to regular development conversations and feedback. Employees and managers regularly discuss and document performance to date, as well as progress against individual development plans.

Ferring Emerging Leaders Program

Ferring Emerging Leaders Program program supports team members who demonstrate the desire to achieve more. We help future leaders who qualify by providing:

  • A structured development program that prepares you for a future people manager role
  • Valuable insights on your skills and strengths
  • An objective assessment of readiness for a management and/or leadership career
  • A realistic timeframe and customized roadmap for you to develop your leadership skills

The Ferring Leader Program

The Ferring Leader Program is for anyone new to a leadership role. The program is designed to make sure our leaders begin on solid footing as strong managers of people. The program consists of a two-day workshop that empowers participants to:

Recognize the different roles that people managers must take, when to use each role, and what role(s) you need to prioritize for your team

  • Define leadership purpose
  • Create or refine your team’s vision, mission and objectives
  • Make strategic talent decisions to maximize team, individual and company success
  • Develop an action plan to jump start or enhance your team

Talent Next Generation (TNG)

Talent Next Generation (TNG), our global talent management program, helps prepare a select group of future leaders for a successful senior management career. Every two years, Ferring managers around the globe nominate future leaders to take part in TNG.

Team members who are selected for this program develop a broad array of leadership competencies and skill sets across a range of assignments. With a strong emphasis on increased self-awareness, TNG is based on eight competencies that are critical for the future success of our people and our company, which include dealing with ambiguity, strategic agility, innovation management, creativity, negotiating, motivating others, planning and command skills.

The program includes:

  • Management trainings and eLearnings
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • International or stretch assignments
  • Engagement in a global business project
  • A variety of professional assessments

Ferring Sales Career Ladder

To continue our remarkable growth in the U.S., our sales team must continually increase its level of commercial excellence. The Ferring Sales Career Ladder provides our sales force with a clear roadmap to success. The Ladder has been designed to encourage and reward significant increases in professional competency, performance and professional development. Each rung of the ladder is linked to performance skills, and the clear structure empowers the sales force to actively manage their personal advancement.