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Ferring Introduces Fertility Outreach, a Text-based Platform Providing Aspiring Parents with Access to a Live Fertility Coach

Ferring Introduces Fertility Outreach, a Text-based Platform Providing Aspiring Parents with Access to a Live Fertility Coach

Ferring Introduces Fertility Outreach, a Text-based Platform Providing Aspiring Parents with Access to a Live Fertility Coach

  • Created in partnership with Robyn, a community-driven digital platform, Fertility Outreach evolves the fertility journey by providing a text-based solution for those seeking information and guidance on their path to parenthood
  • Fertility Outreach exemplifies Ferring’s innovative approach to address the needs of the fertility community through customizable offerings that engage, educate and connect


Parsippany, NJ – October 18, 2022 – Ferring Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with Robyn, announced the launch of Fertility Outreach, a text-based platform which connects aspiring parents to a trained fertility coach for real-time and individualized guidance across the five points of well-being, including mindset, emotional, physical, social and financial and is available at no cost.

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In the U.S., 1 in 8 couples struggle to get and stay pregnant1 and research has shown that some women dealing with infertility report experiencing depression and anxiety levels similar to those with cancer or heart disease2. Further, findings from a study recently published in Reproductive Biomedicine,  which was led by Cardiff University, in collaboration with Ferring, underscores this impact with 60% of people stating that they believe the diagnosis and treatment of infertility has impacted their mental health3. However, less than half (44%) of people report seeking mental health services during their infertility journey3. Through Fertility Outreach, Ferring aims to address the very real and sometimes overlooked aspects of a fertility journey that aspiring parents experience and may need additional support navigating.

“Ferring is committed to exploring the full ecosystem of fertility care by developing innovative solutions that go beyond medicine to better support aspiring parents and their different needs,” said Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH, Chief Scientific Officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, U.S. “Fertility Outreach, through a support system of live, trained fertility coaches, provides personalized information because we understand that everyone’s path to parenthood is unique.”

Highly trained and with at least three years of experience working at a fertility clinic, the coaches are equipped to support people on their unique fertility journey and are able to answer questions, such as what to expect at an initial visit with a fertility specialist, how to find help dealing with the toll fertility challenges can take on mental health and understanding insurance coverage for fertility treatment. By complementing the support aspiring parents are receiving from loved ones and healthcare providers, Fertility Outreach offers a convenient method of engagement via text message in which to receive information and answers to individual questions.

“As an organization who has proudly shared the fertility community’s stories for years, we heard each story shared and validate the common hurdles and struggles expressed from aspiring parents,” said Allison Kasirer, CEO & Founder of Robyn. “I know first-hand how challenging this experience was for me and that’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Ferring to deliver this unique and valuable resource. With Fertility Outreach, aspiring parents are now just a text message away to connecting with expert coaches to receive personalized and empowering guidance and information.”

Fertility Outreach is part of Fertility Out Loud, a platform and social community that Ferring launched in 2021 to help improve access to care for all aspiring parents. Fertility Out Loud aims to provide the resources needed to speak up, take action and seek help from the right health care provider sooner. Also included as part of this unique offering is Fertility House Calls, which empowers people who are ready to take the first step on their path to parenthood to request an initial consultation with a fertility specialist in their area – either virtually or in person.

Fertility Outreach is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

To learn more and to sign up, please visit, outreach.fertilityoutloud.com.


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Robyn is a community-driven digital platform that provides access to a network of integrative parental wellness tools, resources, and specialists. In founding Robyn, Allison Kasirer set out on a mission to make sure no other parent felt as alone and confused as she once did on her journey to parenthood.

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