Ferring Pharmaceuticals Announces the Launch of FertilityWise – a New, On-Demand E-Learning Program for Fertility Clinic Staff

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Announces the Launch of FertilityWise – a New, On-Demand E-Learning Program for Fertility Clinic Staff

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Announces the Launch of FertilityWise – a New, On-Demand E-Learning Program for Fertility Clinic Staff

  • In collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts, FertilityWise offers a convenient, tech-based solution for fertility information.
  • This new offering underscores Ferring’s commitment to helping educate healthcare providers by compiling innovative, evidence-based content related to fertility care into easy-to-access modules.


Parsippany, NJ– October 21, 2022 – Ferring Pharmaceuticals U.S. today announced the launch of FertilityWise, a digital, on-demand series of e-learning modules developed specifically for fertility nurses and advanced practice providers. Through a comprehensive online library, which includes modules on reproductive endocrinology to cryopreservation and embryo development, FertilityWise provides a single point of access to this information for new and experienced staff members, at no cost.

“For clinic staff caring for individuals and families going through their fertility journey, in-depth knowledge across a wide range of topics is essential to providing the guidance and support aspiring parents seek,” said Elizabeth Garner, M.D., MPH, Chief Scientific Officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals U.S. “We believe we understand the needs of the clinic staff and are pleased to offer FertilityWise to help make important information more accessible, which can lead to an enhanced patient experience.” 

Curated in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts, including nurses, physicians, educators and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) specialists in the fertility field, the inclusive, research- backed curriculum leverages their category expertise and multiple points of view to build a strong foundation of knowledge. This allows the viewer to adapt and implement the in-depth content based on their individual needs. Further, interactive and engaging features delivered through premium quality technology elevate the experience.

“As a practicing reproductive endocrinologist for more than 15 years, I know how important it is that all fertility clinic staff receive the proper information to help them feel confident in their knowledge base and ability to provide high-quality patient care,” said Eve Feinberg, M.D., Northwestern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. “It was an honor to be part of the content development of FertilityWise and to offer my perspectives and clinical experience to create this new offering that will address an unmet need for flexible training in the clinic setting.”

Powered by EngagedMD, a leader in the field of fertility specialty education, FertilityWise aims to provide user-friendly content available for viewing based on each individual’s schedule and at their own pace.

For more information, visit www.ferringusa.com/fertilitywise.


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EngagedMD is a fast-growing B2B software company that has developed the leading patient journey management solution for the fast-growing fertility sector. Nearly half of fertility patients in the US, Canada, and UK use EngagedMD’s eLearn and eSign tools during their fertility journey. Clinics use the software to reduce repetitive, manual tasks, which helps increase capacity and growth while improving the patient experience. For more information, visit www.engagedmd.com.


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